Frequently asked questions


01. Can I use Cashir without a bank account?

Yes, all you need to do is sign-up on the Cashir App with your mobile number, fund your wallet and voila! you are able enjoy the Cashir experience, anytime and anywhere.

02. Why do you need a mobile number?

Your mobile number is your unique identifier and is used by other users to send cash or perform other transactions with you.

03. How does withdraw cash work?

Withdraw cash is a user requesting for physical cash. Once a user requests to withdraw cash, the Cashir application automatically searches for the closest user who is willing to provide the equivalent cash amount, then pairs both users. Once the pairing is done, the provider uses the in-app map to locate the requester at a landmark of their choosing and the exchange is made. Both the provider and the requester can access each other’s phone number on the application to communicate.